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CMO Function. Enabled.

An exclusive agency for tech marketing function to tell tales, of their transforming technology & experiences. Owing to our crazy chemistry with CMOs, we are able to develop their entire marketing roadmap from defining what to enabling how. Through the eclectic mix of content, design and technology, we help the world to see you through stories.


The entire marketing function. Delivered.


Let storytelling bring life to every page with meaningful content and scientific visuals.


Either in print or animated, our visuals tell a story compelling viewers to act.


A ripple in your digital world with strategically connected ideas, words, and campaigns.


Judge us by the company we keep.


Our Way of Storytelling.


Art and Science of Storytelling

Call what you’d call them, ASS a.k.a Donkey symbolizes fortitude. The world never branded them as man’s best friend, but that never deterred donkeys from carrying humanity’s burden – since 2800 B.C. They are ancient yet enduring creatures just like human stories – from cave paintings to dusty tomes to modern tales.

It’s no wonder that ASS (Art and Science of Storytelling) can relate to Storytelling. He breaks down the approach to leveraging a Scientific map of Data and Research strengthened by Art through Creativity. From Objective Clarity to Design Thinking to Conceptualization – ASS simplifies Storytelling.

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More than meets the eye

Thinkers. Thoughts. Trivia.


Techies who chose not to code. Get to know the Talkd people.


If people say you have an attitude problem, you’ve come home.