Art and Science of Storytelling


Scientist. Artist. Technology Storyteller.

ASS has been an observer since the ancient times. Witnessing innovation through the ages, he has become a veteran of tech storytelling. It’s tough to fashion stories around tech, but his techno-commercial lingo has enlivened art supported with the right pinch of high-class design to narrate the perfect story.

ASS’s approach to technology storytelling helps us fathom, with great expertise, the collection of facts and connecting the relevant pointers into a sequence. What to pick is the success factor and our ability to understand tech helps.

Storytelling – ASS simple as…

Storytelling is both Science and Art. Science leads the way with the collection of data – facts, urban-legends, experiences, with extensive research following. Where science brings the facts, art creates the fantasy building upon facts with meaningful ideas, words and visuals.


Objective Clarity

No story can take shape if the outcome is unclear. Goal clarity comes with client questionnaires, onboarding sessions, client document gathering and scope analysis.

Doing the Math

Data points become the source of factual fuel. Client analytics, reference materials, end-user assessment, secondary research of the market and competitor analysis equates the sum total of actionable intelligence.

Design Thinking

Every problem needs a human-centered solution. Identifying end-user pain points to today’s and tomorrows expectations help craft possible creative solutions. Feasibility analysis and subsequent iteration follow.

Conceptualizing the Concept

Concepts that build on the research outcomes. Either character based or object or technology focused, concept connects the dots to a story blueprint.

The Mantra of Messaging

Content drafted in sync with the concept. The messaging mantra centered on few yet meaningful words and visual-centric representation of the story arc.

Visual Design

Letting images speak louder than words. Clean and crafty visuals covering the last lap of storytelling, building a lasting experience.