The Process

Our DNA: Storytelling

Weaving Stories into Tech

Double Helix of Art and Science

Stories don’t grow on trees for one to pluck. It’s an approach incorporating the amalgamation of science and art. A proven process of building on the breadcrumbs of facts and analytics with layers of creative concepts and design – we see a story where seemingly there isn’t.

follow the Breadcrumbs

1. Data dominance
Raw data is loud yet important. Without it, a story is a headless chicken running wild. Data is the cornerstone of the road ahead, and we collect them from many sources – client document, end-user interviews, client questionnaire and more.

2. Research
From data to actionable intelligence, the journey involves extensive research of client-provided data, target market, competitors, and peers. Secondary research, user interviews, etc. strengthen the base for storytelling.

3. Design Thinking
Fact-finding is a job half done. Identifying pain points, user expectations becomes necessary to connect the information. With Design Thinking, we identify creative solutions that matter, further cementing them with a feasibility study.

4. Conceptualization
Creative intelligence comes to action with suitable concepts based on feasible design thinking solutions. Be it character based or object-based or focused on technology, we box concepts that are out-of-the-box.

5. Content & Visuals
Limited words and meaningful visuals – driving the maximum impact with a minimalist approach. That’s our messaging mantra and design excellence. The final lap gives the story tangibility, and ultimately it’s the story that sells itself.

6. Deliverables
The entire effort bearing fruit as actual outcomes in the form of websites, screens, collaterals, creatives, and design desk.